Export data → InfluxDB + tags → grafana queries with wildcard

Hello everybody,

What i want to do:

  • A graph with regex ( use " * " ) in Grafana.
  • Tag into InfluxDB

Example of my InfluxDB :

  • A : hostname.host-a.belgium.be.monitor.CPU_Usage
  • B : hostname.host-b.belgium.be.monitor.CPU_Usage
  • C : hostname.host-c.belgium.be.monitor.CPU_Usage

I want to create a query into Grafana like this :

  • select CPU usage from *.belgium.be.monitor.CPU_Usage

I understand that if i want to use regex into query, i need tag in my influxDB to group multiple hostnames.

This tutorial say me that is not possible (page 22) : https://checkmk.com/download/checkmk2019%20-%20Integrating%20checkmk%20in%20Grafana%20via%20InfluxDB.pdf

Someone can help me to understand how to create this graph in Grafana with “regex” ?

Thanks a lot.