Export host with their services json

hi all,

its possible to export host with their checks at once?

Thanks in advance

Hello @neeloj,

Yes it is.
You can do it from a view, an existing one or create one that suit your needs.
My approach would be:
1st - Create / modify view;
2nd - Create an automation user with secret, not pw;
3rd - Go to view, on the bottom icons press the one who shows the view without sidebar and add the following to the url (without the quotes):


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Cheers !

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thanks for your answer @tavanez, I did that the export is only for services and not host & services…

I want both of them…when Im on view for services and export I get only services and the same for host… I want both in one…

Its possible to do what you want, let me check and I’ll come back with more info.

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thank you so much, by the way this links is also good :+1:

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Done it.
Create a new view, datasource will be “All Services”, next window don’t press anything just move along, then in the columns just do it as the image.

Let me know if it helps you !

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@tavanez thank you so much, its really good trick :smiley: :wink:

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