Export Reports & Custom Graphs from 1.6.0p28 to 2.1.0p10


we are currently migrating to a new checkmk 2 instance.
We wanna have all data beginning from zero, so all rules were made new.
Our old site ist running on checkmk 1.6.0p28, and the new one is 2.1.0p10.

Now one big part is the Report section. We have a lot of custom graphs and reports in our old checkmk instance. Making these new would take days.

Is there a possibility to migrate these to the new site?

Thanks for help.

Best Regards

Customizations to the web GUI are stored in $OMD_ROOT/var/check_mk/web in the account’s directory. You could try to just copy the files from there to your new site.

I will try. Thank you very much!