Exporting dashboards?

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Is there a possibility to export a dashboard in CheckMK so it can be imported into a different instance?
So let’s say I create 2 different instances of CheckMK, I create a bunch of dashboard views on one and I can easily move them over to the other one? Or do I have to recreate the same dashboards for every instance?

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have a look at this extension package:



This feature is currently WIP. We are late in our Checkmk 2.2.0 development cycle, so there is a risk of making the cut. But otherwise it is in the next release

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This will not, unless the plugin does something magically work with lastest 2.1 release as both user dashboards and views are stored in memory database (Redis) and you need to manually delete the redis temp files to get your copied dashboards and views.

Checkmk should support this OOB - Id recommend to create a feature request if not already done

I have just tested it with 2.1.0p20.cee and it works without any problems :slight_smile:


So if a user already have a dashboard and you import another one it will automatically show up? Thanks.

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Please check this out: New option to share views, dashboards and report definitions
This feature is in the next release