Failed to add EMC VNX5400

Hello together,

Check_MK: 1.6.0p13 / CentOS8
Storage: EMC VNX5400

we are trying to add a EMC VNX5400 system to a new configured Check_MK box. A user was created in WATO > Datasource Programs > Check state of EMC VNX storage systems. The same account is created as local admin account on the VNX. The account is able to connect to the SAN box via naviseccli with OMD user.

naviseccli -h <IP> -user <USER> -password <PASSWORD> -scope 1 -addusersecurity
naviseccli -h <IP> cache -sp -info

The command which naviseccli gives the output ~/bin/naviseccli

When adding the 2 SP’s to Check_MK, the job is finishing with the following output:

WARNING: Exception while parsing agent section 'emcvnx_info': IndexError('list index out of range',)
  File "/omd/sites/<SITE>/lib/python/cmk_base/data_sources/", line 299, in _update_with_parse_function
    return parse_function(section_content)
  File "/omd/sites/<SITE>/share/check_mk/checks/emcvnx_info", line 114, in parse_emcvnx_info
    preparsed, errors = preparse_emcvnx_info(info)
  File "/omd/sites/<SITE>/share/check_mk/checks/emcvnx.include", line 66, in preparse_emcvnx_info
    old_key, old_value = preparsed[-1]

What is missing on our set up?

Many Thanks!

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