Feature survey: AND / OR / NOT operator

Currently, the #1 feature request on our feature portal is filtering host labels with AND / OR / NOT operators in views and dashboards.

For example: All hosts in either Munich (location:MUC) or Berlin (location:BER), but no test environments (environment:test).

We designed two variations of the UI for which we want your feedback (5 questions survey): Feature Survey: AND/OR/NOT Operators

Please provide your feedback until January, 10th 2023.


one suggestion.
Last question ; you should add an file so that user can explain their selection.
In my case:
A default option should should not hide any informations.


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Please implement as well the Quicksearch possibility to search for labels via regex.
It is not possible to know the exact spelling of each label!



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@rprengel thanks for the suggestion! We will do that for the next survey!

@JPH You are absolutely correct, noone can remember all labels by heart! Just to clarify: With “Quicksearch” you mean the search that can be added to the sidebar, correct?

The feature survey is now closed!
Thanks for participating! If you have any additional feedback about this feature, feel free to reply to this thread.

Thank you all for participating in the survey and sharing your opinions. The survey results are in:

Based on the split and some written feedback, we ended up with this design (with explanations):

The design combines:

  • A keyboard-only interface for fast input
  • Compatibility with current functionality
  • Clarity and reduced screen real estate

We are implementing this feature now, targeting the Checkmk 2.2.0 release.


Just for transparency, would you mind sharing the amount of people who actually participated?

We had 137 participants in the survey and 106 shared their opinion on this question