February 2023 Community Bulletin

:newspaper: Updates

Hello dear community!
February 2023 is gone. Here are some community news!

New Videos

Checkmk Live: Why IT monitoring is important for IT security

:mega: Shout-outs

:trophy: New Community Ally!

Let us congratulate @Norm on 25 answers marked as the solution! Looking forward to seeing you among Community Heroes very soon!

:trophy: New Community Problem Solvers

February brought us 2 people whose answers to questions on the forum were marked as a solution at least 5 times:



Thank you!

:trophy: New Community Helpers

5(!) new Community Helpers in February! Among which I am happy to see several colleagues from different Checkmk teams :slight_smile:






Congratulations and thank you!

:beetle: Bugfixes

Here are February code contributions that were, one way or the other, accepted as a good way of improving Checkmk:

agent_proxmox_ve: allow nodes/time to be empty

Fix mk logwatch

Migrated old Nutanix and added some real checks

If you also want to contribute to the code of Checkmk, here is the contribution guide – contributions following the guide are always welcome!

:loudspeaker: New Implemented Suggested Features

There are quite a few implemented features waiting to be released that were once suggested in our Feature Portal. Check them out here!

To finish this Bulletin, I would like to offer you to share your Checkmk news: if you are a plugin developer and updated your plugin, if you found out a new way of doing things or if you just want to share something new about Checkmk you found out this month – you are welcome to share your news in the replies!