Fix for the downtime-treasure-script

There is a script in /opt/omd/versions/default/share/doc/check_mk/treasures/downtime which allows to add a downtime.

Unfortunately this script has a bug when processing/searching for errors in the result. The script searches for “<div class=error” at the beginning of a line but

  • takes the whole result in a single line
  • class-tag is quoted

I fixed this by replacing the search with an appropriate regex but do not know how to share this fix for getting applied to the official distribution.
Patched file is attached (needed to add .py in order to upload it)
Based on 1.6.0p18.cre (6.5 KB)

Regards Michael

Hi Michael!

Have you checked our GitHub repository? You can submit a PR so the devs can review it.


Hi Faye,

thank - I created fixed downtime error-div-detection by WennySoft · Pull Request #327 · tribe29/checkmk · GitHub

Regards Michael