For a view, I want a joined column and use a "match" for the "Of Service", any way to do that?

I have a set of printers monitored. While they all have Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow toners, the “check” or the toners (snmp) identifies them very specifically.

For example:

Supply Canon GPR-55 Magenta Toner

Which of course is different from Supply Canon GPR-30 Magenta Toner

But for a summary display across all printers, I figure maybe a single Magenta column suffices. Otherwise, you get a very large table in your view with perf-o-meter values for all the toner specific types. Would love to just have columns for black, cyan, magenta, yellow.

Bonus of course, if the hover over the perf meter data could show the toner specific name instead of the percentage (but, I bet that’s asking way way too much).

I’m on my mobile and cannot write properly, but maybe service groups could help a bit here?
You won’t get a Perf-O-Meter for the group but a nice overview.

I too have been think about the “creative” ways to get it done, but it all seems to involve multiple calls, multiple searches, multiple links or pages… I wanted an “all in one view” sort of thing.