"Full service scan" Then "Fix all" on CLI


I’m on check_mk 2.0.0p16 (CRE).

I want use CLI to do :

“Full service scan” Then “Fix all”.

I try :

$ cmk -II --all-sites
$ cmk -R --all-sites

But that is not the good option.

Is it possible to do “Full service scan” Then “Fix all” on CLI for all host or maybe just for one ?

Thank you.

you can use the REST API for this: Have a look at Help > REST API interactive GUI and REST API documentation. There are examples for python, httpie and curl.


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I think Bulk discovery can be used, but on check_mk 2.0.0p16 (CRE) I don’t find this option (on 1.6 we can do “start”.

Like here :

Thank you.