Gauge for multiple services of different hosts

Hi, is it possible in any way to create a dashboard gauge based on multiple hosts’ services?
I would like to show the combined CPU load of multiple hosts (just summed up).

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With the Checkmk Enterprise Edition (or Free Edition), you can combine the performance data graphs of serveral hosts/services to one graph. They can be displayed as single lines, stacked lines, or aggregated as sum, average, minimum, or maximum.

As far as i know is the gauge for the dashboard only a single metric element.
What @Heavy wrote is the way to combine multiple values to one graph.
Other display options for multiple values are the bar plot and scatter plot.


Dear Heavy, do you have some link to the documentation / video which would show how to do this on the Enterprise / Free Edition ?
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I am not aware of any documentation about this topic.

You can easily test it like this:

  1. Go to a view that shows the regarding hosts and services, e.g. by using the Service search or Quicksearch with a matching search pattern. (*)
  2. In the Services menu, select All metrics of the same type in one graph. (In older Checkmk versions, this was called Combined graphs).
  3. By default, the Sum of all performance values is displayed. You can change this to Lines, Stacked, Average, Minimum and Maximum, according to your needs.

(*) For your example of CPU load, you could use a Quicksearch pattern like:

ad:10.1.2.[345] s:CPU load

This would match the CPU load services of the three hosts with IP addresses, .4 and .5.