Geist Watchdog Sensor check expansion

The watchdog checks do not account for the many other types of sensors that can be attached to the WD15 or WD100 device, for instance, the flood sensors and airflow sensors are never discovered despite being in the same OID range as the internal sensors on the devices. I assume the same would be true for door, smoke, and power sensors.

Hello, we really need this check to accommodate the various other sensor OIDs available not just the built-in. Here’s a list of the available sensors:

Remote Temperature (RT) Sensor
Remote Airflow Sensor
Remote Dew Point Sensor
Remote CCAT Sensor
Remote T3HD Sensor
Remote THD
Remote Power Manager Sensor
Remote A2D Sensor

I have attached our own personal SNMP Walk file as well as the official MiB Sheet. Currently we use only the T3HD remote sensor (Tempx3, Humidity, Dewpoint), but we plan on adding more soon.

Thank you.
geist_bb_mibsheet.txt (23.7 KB)
testing-watchdog_sensors-walk.txt (2.4 KB)