Getting Threshold setting for single and multiple host configured

Hi All,

I am having check_mk version 1.5.0p21, where multiple host configured. now challenge is to get the threshold settings for each device and its parameters.

Is there any way to find out the thresholds for specific or set of hosts configured in check_mk ??

search for the host in the Quick-Search -> WATO -> Services -> Show check parameters
… or …
open the action menu of the host -> Parameters for this host


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Thanks for the reply.

It can be done for the single host, need solution for multiple hosts.

Thanks in advance

WATO -> Host & Service Parameters -> Used Rulesets -> Search … Host Match List


I have tried with hostname in hostmatchlist but nothing happens.

I think this search will show the rules satisfied to that perticuler hosts, but need to check each and every rule for the threshold.

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