Global Settings Send metrics to Graphite / InfluxDB

Hello all,

we are planning to export status data of some services from checkmk to Grafana for visualization tasks.
After taking a look at these slides we found out that checkmk is able to send data to Graphite/InfluxDB unsing Global Settings. (
Does somebody know, if the connection from checkmk to Graphite is secured?
If not, has someone an idea to export data from checkmk in a secure way?
We also found out, that there is special checkmk Grafana plugin (Checkmk in Grafana integrieren), but that does not export the service status to create alerts in Grafana.

Thank you for reading an helping!

Hi Robkaiser,

by default we only use http to push data to influxdb. What you can try is to configure influx with https and then use the https link in checkmk: Enabling HTTPS with InfluxDB | InfluxDB OSS 1.7 Documentation

Correct. We only export the checkmk based service metrics


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