Graph KO after migration

after migrate from an ubuntu 16.04 with php7.0.33 to unbuntu 18/.04 with php7.4.6, there is an error with the with /opt/omd/versions/1.6.0p12.cre/lib/kohana/system/libraries/Input.php…
The problem was the same with the 1.6.0p11.cre.

I’ve found help here : and it’s working well now. I had to remake this after updating from 1.6.0p11 to 1.6.0p12.

So myquestion is, like it seems to be a compatibily problem, will the next omd version embed a correction or there is any other clean solution to correct this issue?

Yes this is a known problem with actual Ubuntu.
At the moment the modification must be done after every update. It is possible that the graphing inside CRE will change with version 1.7.
Or a patch for the newer systems is included inside the OMD build process.

Thanks for reply Andreas.
So we’ll wait for 1.7.

This will be fixed with werk #11035 in the next stable releases

We ran into the same issue when we upgraded our php 5 up to php 7.4 on our Centos 7.

Adding IF statement seemed to to fix it as well.