Grouping of services


based on this thread, I want to submit a feature request.
I have a customer with fat network devices which show 217 services - solely for temperature!
Disabling temperature checks is not a solution and its’s also impossible to decide which are “important” - in case of high temperature, every element counts.
It would be great if there would be a way to group such services into one.
Of course I know that this will influence the license size calculation. But perhaps you find a good compromise.
Best regards,

Hi Simon,
did you think about “Grouping of Services in table Views”. You will find this in global settings. When yiu use this, you will only see, if ok, one service which groups all 217 temperature services. When a problem occurs, the groups service expand the one which has the problem.
This is helpful if you have a lot of services, and you will have a clean view.
Cheers, Christian


Hi Christian,

there is some voice in my head telling me that I already knew this… shame on me :neutral_face:
This is exactly what I needed, thank you!
BR Simon


That’s great, though I’m not finding any documentation on how to implement that feature, and a search of the Check_MK site didn’t reveal anything. The biggest unknown (for me) is the “grouping expression” parameter. Hoping to find docs that address this specifically, with examples.

Extra credit: Does the group of services show up in Nagvis as an object that can be used?


Hi Pat,

in my case, I wanted to group all services starting with “Temperature”.
The grouping expression is a regular expression. If you open the inline help, its explained.
To group the temperature checks, I set the expression


(Test this expression here)

All checks whose service names match this regex, will be put into that group.

Does this help?