Haproxy Status Parameter

Hi everyone,
i would like to know how i can change haproxy plugin values.
If I have a status in maintenace the agent marks it as critical, I would like to put it as UP status.
it’s possible?
how would i change these values?
A thousand thanks

afaik, this is not possible currently with the 2.0.x versions

but in the master branch it looks this is possible.
I am not sure when Tribe29 is going to release this, perhaps in the 2.1 ?

Should be possible to port this to 2.0 by putting the needed files in the ~/local folders
and removing the old haproxy check which is still using the old check api.


checkmk/haproxy.py at master · tribe29/checkmk · GitHub line 51ff

checkmk/haproxy.py at master · tribe29/checkmk · GitHub

As a workaround you could set a downtime for the haproxy backend server checkmk service each time you put it into maint mode.

We stopped monitoring the haproxy backend servers because here they go down and up
due to CI/CD the whole day.

I wrote a special agent and a extra checkmk check that monitors the aggregated backend statistics instead of each backend server on it’s own.

It also does alarming on error ratio ( 5xx vs 2xx http errror codes in percent).

See Werk #12187:

thnx so muche but it doesn’t work

i see this post but i think that escamotage