Having Seperate Rules for Seperate Contact groups

Currently when we add contact groups to folder there options for " Add these groups as contacts to all hosts in this folder" and “Give these groups also permission on all subfolders”. Now I have two contact groups and one should have only access , other access + notification. But I can`t define different options for different contact groups under same directory, any solution?

In this case you can use the folder properties only for defining access.
Use the ruleset “Assignment of hosts to contact groups” for notifications.

yeah thought but there is a lot of issues if we go with that way, we already have very complex contact/permission assigment, many folders , some inherit some not and so on. And I think that rule is recursive by nature if you add it to main folder it applies all, but permissions has checkbox for it, so this is also makes conversion hard for us.

Do you know other way with minimal changes?