Help us improve our Kubernetes monitoring

Hello Checkmk Community!
we want to advance our Kubernetes monitoring. For this, we are looking for Kubernetes cluster admins, who can help us sharpen the requirements.

To get started, I am planning to do some phone/video interviews to better understand your requirements for deployment of Checkmk and a potential monitoring agent inside Kubernetes. I also want to understand what information is crucial for monitoring Kubernetes for you.
Further down the line, I would like to involve users directly in our sprint reviews, where we showcase early iterations and you can give feedback directly.

Interested? Write me a PM or post in this thread.

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Hallo Martin,
are there plans to monitor addons like longhorn etc…
In my case fully automated monitoring of running containers with getting most informations like checking VMs or physical systems would be great.
Other features:
checking images and layers for defined content