Hide services for a contact group of the host

Hello community,

we want to hide specific service which are only relevant for the server administrators, the user of the host is not interested to see this service on his host, but the service is mandatory for server team.

We do not use the strict authentication for hosts/services/host-/servicegroups in Global Settings.
In our environment every contact of a host, is contact for the services of the host.

Is there any ruleset what we can use, to breake the inheritance on service level?

Thanks in advance.

We are using 1.6.p11 CEE.

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You can create a notification rule and select specific contacts in the options.



Hey @athomaidis

Thanks for your reply.
For Notifications I know how to handle it.
But in the GUI, when an owner of a server is watching the services. It is possible to hide specific services in the GUI?