Host Service's Reduction or Removal to reach new 750 Limit

I have updated to 2.2 but am now thinking I maybe shouldn’t have.

I have 17 hosts in my small home lab with 1043 services total. This is after deleting a few non active spare hosts. I was always aware if keeping under the host limit of the previous version. I am now in the position where I need to remove services to make it under the 750 limit of 2.2.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to properly remove services or choose which to services to remove? Is it possible that I have duplicates?

Seems a bit silly to not fully monitor a host.


750 services is 30 services per host for 25 hosts.

30 services per host is the long time average for checkmk installations.

With 61 services per host on average you have more than double. What are you monitoring?


Do you need any of the enterprise features?

You can always use the CRE/raw edition which is only limited by your hardware regarding the number of services :slight_smile:

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Mostly Dell R720 and R730 servers. iDrac as well as OS stats through agents. Also monitoring switches and UPS’s etc.

EDIT: Looking at one of my R730’s, I have 58 services being monitored, there are no duplicates. That’s with no API and No agent, just SNMP.

Apparently I do :frowning:

I just installed raw and lost all my dashboards. Really that’s all I’m using CheckMK for, live dashboards.

I’ve reverted back to non raw but will most likely have to go back to a Grafana setup I think.

I’ve reverted back to 2.1 for now. In the process of building a TIG Stack to see how it compares.