How do I use an MKP?

one of our teams have check_mk agents deployed on their target hosts.
they asked me to install the yum mkp (Checkmk Exchange)
and I have done this for them.
however, not sure what to tell them in terms of using this MKP to run on their monitored hosts.
can someone provide me guidance?

some mkp need plugin for them to work properly which you need to put on your monitored machine. You should look on this page if you have linux : Monitoring Linux - The new agent for Linux in detail
or if windows there is another on website Monitoring Windows - The new agent for Windows in detail
There is step to download and set plugin correctly.

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In your case, beside the installation of the mkp on the monitoring server, the admins must deploy the yum agent plugin on the monitored machines. After installing the mkp you should find the agent plugin inside the folder ~/local/share/check_mk/agents/plugins/

Thanks Andreas,

that worked for the yum plugin
I’ve tried to do the same for the apt plugin → Checkmk Exchange
however, it doesn’t seem to be discovering afterwards.