How is the command-line in "Integrate Nagios Plugin" behaving?

i got checkmk V1.7 running.
In shell under the site-user i can execute the following command and i get the status information i need:
gvm-script --gmp-username=xyz --gmp-password=xyz tls --hostname <ip_host> /opt/omd/sites/gvm/local/lib/nagios/plugins/ -F <ip_host> --last-report -T <name_of_host> --status

If i paste the exact same command in the command-line field in the “Integrate Nagios Plugin” section, it respones with /bin/sh: 1: gvm-script: not found.

In shell the command works for the site-user gvm only.

So i am wondering why it works in shell but not on the webGUI?

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Where is gvm-script located? The rule expects Nagios plugins in $OMD_ROOT/local/lib/nagios/plugins.

ah yes you are right. To be honest this advise rings a bell from another post of yours.
Thank you, it worked like a charm.

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