How many changes to hosts via Web-API before activating them?


I’m writing a script which will update checkmk Host Tags and Labels in wato via checkmk Web-Api with values from our CMDB.

Is there any recommendation how many changes to Hosts should be done before the changes are activated via “activate_changes”?

There can be up to 4000 changes, does it make sense that I will activate the changes e.g. after 500 changes?

We have a distributed environment incl. wato (1 Master, 8 Slaves, 1.6.0p17)…

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I have scripts running what do around 1-2k hosts every night. This results between 1k and 2k changes. I activate only after the script is finished one time.
As the scripts are running around 1-2 in the morning, there is no possibility that a human will also change something at the same time :slight_smile:
Until now i had no problems with this setup.


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