How to activate/install(?) Proxmox VE Special Agent?

I have just setup a fresh CheckMK server and am monitoring 13 servers in a Proxmox VE cluster. No errors, all is great.

After following the great article by Alexander Wilms Proxmox Monitoring: How to Do it Efficiently with Checkmk I am simply STUCK on this line:

Aside from the agent, configure and use the Proxmox VE special agent in Checkmk.

I just have no idea what that means. I can go to Settings->Agents->VM, Cloud, Container->Proxmox VE but once there I see nothing that I can even do. Just a blank set of rules.

So the question is pretty embarrassing: HOW do I install(?) or activate(?) the Proxmox VE Special Agent? Is it something I install on the Proxmox server? Worse: What is a “Special Agent”?

Create a new rule in that ruleset and assign it to one of your proxmox nodes via the rule conditions.


Thanks. :man_facepalming:

I suspected it was something simple that I was just not seeing.

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There are several articles in the documentation that are providing additional information:

Proxmox itself has no chapter yet in the documentation, but monitoring it follows the same principle as monitoring VMware: