How to change degree values of the plugin S.M.A.R.T


We have Checkmk v1.6 and using S.M.A.R.T plugin for the health and temperature statistics of Hard Disks on the server. How can I change the value of temperature of the plugin S.M.A.R.T in Checkmk Server? Thanks in advance.


Not sure about 1.6, but in 2.0 and up you can create a rule for temperature.

It’s the same in 1.6. You can override also the temperature status evaluation and thresholds of the device if it’s delivering this information.

Hello. Thank you for your replies. I edited the Temperature rule (45-50C Degree). But it also overrides the temperature of CPU. How can I apply it only for Hard Disk temperature?

You can make the rule more explicit if you define it for just the sensor you wish to adjust by defining it in the bottom part below Explicit hosts. If you do so, it only applies for the sensors you defined there.

I added “Temperature SMART” to the Sensor ID, but it didn’t help. I am pasting photos here for your review.

Never used the rule my own, but i guess you need to pass the real IDs there like ST400NM0024-1HT178_Z4F0EZ4G and so on. This field should also be regex compatible. Can you please enable the inline help and take a look at the help text to the field as well as the rule itself?

I made so, and it worked.

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