How to configure Oracle in check_mk

Hello friends,

We have an old version of check_mk that was configured by the old administrator, I just installed a current version 2.0 raw in parallel and it works fine the only thing I need is how to configure the connection to oracle and monitoring of their services… someone could help me.


There are some steps to do, to setup a good Oracle monitoring.
First i would read the manual article about the Oracle monitoring.

If there is a point not clear then it would be good to know what part is not working.

Hello Andreas

Thanks, but the steps indicated are already done, I have created the user inside the DB with the permissions, the file configured with the user and password. The part that I do not understand or I do not find it very clear in the manual is the configuration on the server. For example for vsphere it is clearer but not for oracle. that is why I asked for help.



Apart from the file mk_oracle.cfg, did you also create sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora? You’ll need them to get Oracle monitoring working.

From what I understood from our DBA, in Oracle itself you’ll only need to create the user with the access rights as stated in the documentation.

On the server side you have to do nothing. Only add the host with the Oracle plugin correctly configured and you should see some Oracle checks.
Is there an error message if you discover this host?
If there is nothing shown regarding Oracle checks then i would first look for the points @louis mentioned.

If so and still not working - share them with us and provide some more detailed information pls
As @andreas-doehler mentioned :wink:


Hello friends,

Thank you very much for your help. But I don’t know if I explained wrong. I currently have in production check_mk 1.6 with Oracle 11G is working correctly. That’s why I was saying that everything was created in Oracle both the sql.ora., the user and permissions, etc… But my intention was as I just installed the check_mk 2.0 version I migrated the machines and they all work correctly. But now I had to migrate the Oracle monitoring. so I was thinking to reuse the connections I have and deploy with the new version. But it was not clear to me how to do that, that’s why I had a doubt. it was more the issue with check_mk.

I don’t know if you can help me.


If you have a working 1.6 Oracle monitoring then you have to do nothing for migration.
The 1.6 agent and the 2.0 is nearly the same. Inside CMK all the checks should be found.
You can update the agent and the Oracle plugin on the monitored machine and that’s it.