How to deal with down state of host

What happens when I add the monitored host to checkmk and the host has a DOWN state

Hi @demo182 and welcome to the checkmk community.

What do you like to know exactly? What happens if you add the host initially if it’s down? What will happen if a host changes to down during monitoring? A bit more input will give us the opportunity to give a good answer.


There is no problem with the host. The DOWN state appears as soon as the host is added to the monitoring

Which method do you use to determine the UP State of the host? Smartping (default) or regular ping?
Can you reach the host via command line without trouble? If you have installed the agent on your host please also check if you can reach the agent via telnet on port 6556 telnet <host> 6556.

I used the nc-v command to scan the host’s 6556 port to generate data

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