How to enable services notes and host notes on raw edition version: 2.1.0p15

We would like to enable services notes and host notes on raw edition version: 2.1.0p15, is it possibile in this edition ?

There are two different things in Checkm called custom host/service notes.

There are the rulesets Notes URL for Hosts and Notes URL for Services. If you create those rules and provide links to a Wiki or documentation tool, in the burger menu of a host oder service view appears a link to the external website.
In earlier Checkmk versions, there was an embedded DokuWiki which could be used as link target. This was dropped, I believe in Checkmk 2.0. But you can easily link to an external DokuWiki oder other Wiki software.

And there is the Custom host notes and Custom service notes field which appear at the bottom of host and service views. The contents of those fields are taken from the ~/etc/check_mk/notes directory of a Checkmk site. However, I cannot find any documentation about this feature since the relaunch of the Checkmk web site. Maybe it is deprecated?
Moreover, it became less useful starting from Checkmk 2.1. In earlier versions, you could use wildcards in file names, e.g. a custom note in the file ~/etc/check_mk/notes/services/*/Memory was valid for the “Memory” check of any host. Since Checkmk 2.1, you can no longer use wildcards in directory names. I don’t know if this is a bug or intended behaviour.

Additionally you have “Custom Icons and Actions” which is an extension to the custom notes URL feature. It allows to define arbitrary URLs in the global settings and then assign (possibly multiple of) them to hosts and services via rulesets.

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I enable the rule but I didn’t see the link on the service after, there are other steps to do ?

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What you are looking at is the field for custom service notes:

This is not the Notes URL you configured with the rule above. This can be found in the action menu of the service.

The URL you entered looks like a Checkmk site. You should enter a URL of a Wiki/documentation server tool. It is supposed to contain a macro like $SERVICEDESC$ to display specific information for different services.

I agree with you, the link in this way it’s not right, but I must see the link in this part of services ?

As @r.sander already wrote, the link can be found in the “burger menu” under Service Icons. So scroll to the top, it should be in line five.

Thx so much Heavy and R.Sander, the Notes URL for Services and Hosts are OK, Im checking to enable:

Thx a lot!!!