How to export hosts (Bulk) from free edition to enterprise edition


I’m trying to export bulk hosts from Check_mk free edition to Enterprise 2.0. but can’t find any helpful site/article. Can anyone help?


Why do you want to export the host?
If you only want to upgrade the edition from free to enterprise then you can do this with your complete instance.

What you can do to “export” your hosts is inside the filesystem ~/etc/check_mk/conf.d/wato/ you will find your folder structure from inside your web configuration. If you want you can copy a complete folder with all the hosts inside to a new instance. Only pay attention to the owner and group of the copied files that they match the target site.

One other way to get hosts “exported” is to make a livestatus query who prints all hosts with some wanted attributes like alias and IP.

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What I’m trying to achieve is we need the current server running and move the configuration to a new server .once we make sure everything is working (over 300 instances) then switch over to the new server. I check the configuration path ~/etc/check_mk/conf.d/wato/ not found but I have in opt/omd/sites/mysites/ is that what you mean I need to export? Just to clarify.

Thanks alot

All paths are always from inside your site. That’s why it starts with ~
Please only work as site user and not as root.

If you want to have the same data on a other system you can also do a “omd backup” and “omd restore” on the new machine. Then change the edition on the new machine to enterprise. That is way easier than a manuell copy action.

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Hhi @ayaxdalab

do you really mean the “Free Edition” or rather the “Raw Edition”?

Not that it changes that much to what @andreas-doehler said, but just out of curiosity.


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I’m getting this error when I try to do the backup. FYI, I tried with the site user too but the same error coming out .any thought


Hi @elias.voelker

I mean the Raw Edition


is your site running, when starting omd backup ...?


Yes . and working fine