How to schedule checkmk localplugin to run once in a day only?

Hello team,

I have a local plugin written in python and that script retuning 4 different checks , our requirement is that we want to schedule those checks in such a way to it will get run only one in a day .

we are looking for the solution of windows box
my local plugin directory is -: C:\Program Files (x86)\check_mk\local

See chapter 3.7

If you want to run the local check at a specific tome you may use the windows scheduler and output to spooldir.


The 300 is in seconds so you ma need to change to 86.400 for daliy updates

instead of txt , can i use python file here so that checkmk can execute that python ?
like in unix we have different way

Please read the doc to understand the complete approach

the checkmk agent can execute checks only in given interval. if you want a check to be executed at fixed times, you have to use a different executor like cron or task manager.

in this case the windows scheduler runs your check script at the desired times and writes its output to a file in the spool directory. the agent periodically collects the spool files and transmits them to checkmk.