How to set time period on "distributed monitor"

I have a “main check_mk” that have muntliple site attached to him.
I want with distributed monitoring monitor one of those site attached (lets call site A) that will be monitor on the “main” beetween 6 PM -> 8 AM is that possible?
I never seen such option (at the moment is monitored on main site 24/7).
let me know.

You could achieve that with the rulesets “Check period for hosts” and “Check period for services” and two separate hosts in the configuration (with the same IP address).

Then you have HostA with check period 8 am to 6 pm on site A and HostA’ with check period 6 pm to 8 am on main site.

Maybe I wasn’t clear on my 1st question.
I have site A (that must be monitored h24) and I have site B that have linked the site A (Distributed monitor) and I want to see all the hosts for site A only beetween 6pm and 8am.

What you said I doubt is solving my problem or I am wrong?

This cannot be achieved, sorry.