How to set up notification host state

Hi all,

We have check_mk raw edition version 1.5.0p18 and we would like to know where are set up if switch in the host state status down to send us notification?

Milos K.

Are you looking for this?

what do yo mean Daniel?

There’s a link in my first post:

Sorry. Yes thats it. But dont work. We turn off switch and dont have any mail about switch is down.

Do you have any Notification Rules configured under WATO - Notifications? If so, care to show us what you have?

Yes, we have 2 notification.

this is one rule. Do you need pictures to another rule?

Don’t think so. Have you tested sending an e-mail directly from you Check_MK server just to make sure that the SMTP settings are working properly?

if you try to analyze that notification will it match any method ? a green circle should appear

in second notification sending mails works fine. Only for network divices dont work.

can you post a print screen of what host groups do you have for those equipments ? or you just have the “Network” one ? And one more thing have you just omitted the “From: Address” or didn’t configured it ?

one notification is for Network, second one is linux and windows servers. I blurred the email.

Ok, but the first question was about the host groups , I’m asking you this because I found at least in 1.5 that if you have multiple host groups you should specify them all.
Imagine that you have for configured for network devices two host groups, then in the notification method you need to match those 2.
Other thing is have you analyzed your alarm and seen if the match the correct notification or none at all? using the top buttons.