How to use Customer in Managed services edition

We have just installed a new site with Managed services edition and need som help with how to use the customer function the correct way

Have created a couple of customers but cant set the customer on hosts, the default customer provider is set. I can add the host to a hostgroup which is set to another customer but it still has the default.

So my question is how do you set this up correctly?
Is there any documenation for this?

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Hello Daniel

Here the way we use them in our setup:

The main use for the different customers is to set them on their respective instance/site.
So if you connect multiple CheckMK Servers via distributed monitoring, you can separate the whole cmk site by assigning it to a customer.

Every host that is monitored on this site will automatically “belong” to the customer.

By then assigning a user to a specific customer, he will be only able to see the hosts on machines/sites that are assigned to his customer.

Hope that helps
Cheers Jens

HI Jens,

If I understand you correctly thats the way you use the Customer function in Managed Services Edition. If I for example use tags to separate customers then it will not be the same thing?
Data not being segregated etc

Best regards

Data separation only works the way @Yenky described.
Only 1 customer per site.


Hi Yenky,
Sorry to revive this, but just joined and not sure I follow.
We like OP have CME, I have my main site, and (so far) a customer site setup via distributed monitoring

All good there…

Then when going back to the main Overview or in the Customer dashboard, all we see is the default “provider”.

I had assumed reading all the marketing fluff around CME that we would be able to see not only the main site ( as provider that is fine ) but also a break down by customer, especially since we had setup them up.
Otherwise the functionality of CME and customers is rather limited.
Also as feedback ( in case folks at Tribe are listening ) you REALLY need to update docs and info around CME, but I assume that is behind the 2.0 doc update, which looks like it will still not be done by the time 3.0 is announced next week :wink:


Which user account are you logged in with?
The the user is assigned to the “Provider” account don’t mean that it is also allowed to see all customers.

As far as i know there are no big changes between 1.6 and 2.0 inside the CME part of the configuration and what is possible. I had a look at the manual and yes all the screenshots are the old design but the information and description is correct i think.

Hi Andreas,
I am only able to use cmkadmin ( which I cannot change the default customer on ), if I create a new “customer admin” on the customer side, then log out of cmkadmin and try log backin as admin I get invalid credentials. I have checked they are not locked out, the account has admin role, I have even “cloned” the cmkadmin to try that. But as soon as I select the customer as their default customer, it stops working. Have even tested setting admin with customer = Provider, they can then login, but as soon as I set it to the customer name it does not allow the account to login.

I assume if I should create a customer specific admin account for each customer, so as to not have all the admins in as cmkadmin. Also adding hosts as cmkadmin puts them as customer = Provider, which when doing distro monitoring, even though I set them as customer = Acme, the come in as customer = provider ( in the screen shot above.
I have even tried having the admin as a global admin ( for testing ), so now they can login, but still see all the hosts from the remote site as “provider” not broken down as per customer.

As for the documentation, my point was also around the lack of information around CME, and this in particular. maybe it is put in as “notes” but I cannot find it.

Good news… I think I have it figured out, it was due to adding an existing setup as a customer.
I created new customer and new remote, and after some testing it now looks like it works, I am guessing something was hidden that was breaking things.
At least the dashboard looks good now, but still cannot login as admin, I was thinking it could not due to “lack of data”, but now has data, but still getting invalid credentials, so will keep on that one.