How to watch graphs of disabled checks?


Two hours ago, I had to disable a check/service in my 1.6.0p13 CEE site. Then, by now, it is not beeing checked anymore, but I’m interested in watching the graphs of that check/service. I know the RRD files have not been delete – They still exist.

I tried to hack the URI in the console by replacing the name of another service in the same host with that disabled one, but it does not seem to work – I’d say this worked in an old CRE release, I’m not sure.

How can I display those graphs? Is it possible?

Best regards

If you have the enterprise edition and RRDs in CMC format you cannot view the graph. (I don’t know any possible way :wink:)
With PNP4Nagios compatible RRDs you can go to the PNP4Nagios directly in your site and search for the host/service name. The graph is then shown as every other graph.
EDIT: Today i had exactly this question from one of my customers :smiley: