How to write my own "Datasource Program" aka "Special Agent"

I need do monitor some services by querying tier http rest API which returns json.
Based on some key/values in the json structure I want to emit a <<<local>>>

section with these key/values.

Is there any documentation or other starting point how to write an own “Special Agent” ?

A special Agent can also be a simple bash script or it needs to be a python script ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi mimimi,

the description is located here:

an can be writen in each laguage

Greets Bernd

I am not looking for local checks, I want my own “Datasource Program” aka “Special Agent” in cause I can’t install a check_mk agent on the target system.

A special agent needs e.g. an agent_foobar in ~/local/check_mk/agents/special/
that outputs the e.g. <<<foobar>>> section.

I guess the special_agent needs to be registered somehow and it needs some
web page snippets to be configurable.

I am looking for documentation how to do that, or a simple example.

Maybe the following documentation helps:

Just take a look to the existing special agents which infos need to be provided.