HP Raid Controller mkp plugin


I installed a mkp in my site version 1.6raw which seemed to work.

But after the installation it looks like nothing happened I can’ see any sign of it.

Shouldn’t it show uo in the list of available plugins?

The name of the mkp is HP SmartArray Checks.

Sorry it may be a stupid question but I am stuck here.

Thank you all for your help!

Hi @antiager

It should show up in the list of installed mkp's with mkp list. You can then
see more info for the package you installed with mkp show <PACKAGE> and list the files it
contains with mkp list <PACKAGE>.


You need to deploy the agent plugin. With the Enterprise Edition use the agent bakery. With the Raw Edition deploy the file from $OMD_ROOT/local/share/check_mk/agents/plugins with whatever method you use to deploy files.
Agent plugins from extensions do not show up on the “Agent files” page unfortunately.

Tank you!!

It works!!!