HTTP/s content check

I’ve been looking around for monitoring the content of a website.

is it possible to check, for example “” for a value?

Like if i’ve got:

the value you are looking for= 2

that i can use a regex filter to get the “2” and show this as a plugin output?

Have you tried to setup an active http check via
Active checks -> check http service
There you can define the URI which should be used and define " Regular expression to expect in content".

That is the rule i used, but this will only give me something like “hey, your expression matches”.

I am more looking for a rule that gets the “2” and can than be configured to define a warn/crit level in a range like > 10 = warn

With the classic HTTP check is this not possible.
Here you need a script that grabs the page and extract the value and does some transformation.
A very easy way could be a local check but this can also be done as a normal active check.

Thank you, i thought i have to write my own check.
We can’t install something on the target system, so we had to use an active check but this would mean i have to learn some python :slight_smile:

You can also write a local check that runs on your monitoring server a grabs the web content.
This can be written in every scripting language you can run on the monitoring host.

But if you want to be flexible with configuration and so on than an active check is better :slight_smile:

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