I would like to use nagios check_mssql in check_mk

I would like to use nagios check_mssql in check_mk, does anyone know how I can do this integration and if so, could you provide me with the step by step?


take a look at this thread: [Check_mk (english)] Check_MK use Nagios plugin - #3 by Mark.Dollemore

But why the Nagios plugin and not the Checkmk MSSQL Plugin? Check Plug-Ins Catalog

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My mssql is on linux, would there be a way to monitor it directly from check_mk?

as a supplement to @elias.voelker, you could also read the manual here: https://docs.checkmk.com/latest/en/agent_linux.html#e2e_monitoring


AFAIK there is neither an agent plugin for Linux available nor a datasource agent.
So, your only option is use ancient nagios plugins :frowning:



Good Morning @mike1098, could you give me a step by step on how I can do this?

Please read your thread carefully.
elias.voelker gave you already the answer above.