Icinga1x+check_mk to checkmk RAW 2.0

Dear all,
long ago, I setup icinga 1.x with check_mk from deb packages on ubuntu and check_mk was configured with .mk files with my hosts, ignored_checks, custom parameters, etc.
In addition, icinga had a bunch of checks, some generated by a script, some created by hand which also ran from the icinga monitoring, parallel to the check_mk created checks.

Now I’ve started playing with the new version and the omd generated monitoring site, but I’ve yet to figure out how to migrate from the old to the new.

I tried putting the host configuration I had in my old check_mk conf.d in the new ~/etc/check_mk/conf.d, but although the web interface saw and monitored the hosts, I couldn’t configure the parameters, as the web interface claimed to not know the host I just clicked on. When I moved this configuration to the wato/conf.d this was solved, but I have a feeling I should not be messing with the files under there.

Is there a place where I can safely put files that will be picked up by the cmk -R command, so I can import all my custom parameters, ignored checks, host groups etc?

I suppose I would also prefer to manage some configuration settings using files, rather than go through the web interface, because this can be maintained from our configuration management and be version controlled, but I guess that’s another topic…