IIS Memory Monitoring W3WP excessive memory


we are looking to monitor the memory consumed by IIS and to break it down into sites w3wp.exe we have a site that seems to be leaking memory but we cannot see when this happens as the Windows Memory is just all summed together. We are using the latest Raw edition of CheckMK and are wondering if there is a script available that would fulfil this requirement or some guidance on creating one. The current available script only indicates the state of the service either running or not.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Steve,

I’m no Windows Admin so maybe some of these questions are dumb :smiley: :
Are all w3wp.exe processes running with the same user?
Or are there parameters that allow you to differentiate the processes?

If 1, you can use the “process discovery” to create services based on the user

if 1) doesn’t work, but you have parameters for 2) to work, I think you can enable wmi process listing in C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\check_mk.user.yml
find the “ps:” section and include

   use_wmi: yes