IMPORTANT: Changes in the HASH File

Dear community!

From version 2.1.0p15 the usual Checkmk HASH file will be split.
If you have a certain system set up that is checking the hashes automatically, please be sure to make changes before updating: this is not a breaking change but to avoid any disruptions in your processes, it is better to be assured your setup is prepared for the change.
Here is the werk introducing the change

Please note that this change will also affect version 2.0.0p30.

Let us know if you have any questions,
Sara and the Checkmk Development Team


This change will be applied retroactively. Meaning that all the HASHES files have been split up in to individual files. Every file on our download server containing checkmk has a corresponding .hash file.

For example, for this file containing checkmk for Ubuntu 22.04:

You can find the hash in the following file: