Installing AddON for "lvm"

Hello together,

i am using CheckMK and my Nodes works with lvm - Volumes.
I check all my Nodes with “ssh”, so if it possible to implement this “AddON” for Monitoring?

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What do you want exactly? The lvm should be visible inside the normal agent output.
The diskstat check should also provide some information about your lvm.

Just install the lvm agent plugin on the Linux hosts.

The official plugins are available on the monitoring server via WATO (Monitoring Agents → Agent files → Linux/Unix agents - plugins) or directly at https://YOURSERVER/YOURSITE/check_mk/agents/plugins/

Just drop the lvm plugin file in the agent’s PLUGINSDIR on your monitored Linux hosts. Ususally this is /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins. Plugin files need to have execute permissions (+x)

Dear Martin,
thank you so much for your help.
Well, i want to get all the Status about LVM (Volume, Status, etc.), because I only see the “path” to them.
Well, does it works via SSH too? I had the SSH - Variante on my CheckMK - Installation.

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It should not matter how the agent script is executed - be it xinetd, systemd socket, or ssh. But you probably have to run it as root (directly or using sudo) to be able to gather all the information.

You can try sudo /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins/lvm to see the information returned by the lvm plugin.

Here’s a sample output from a VM with 2 volume groups and 6 logical volumes:

  vg0	1	5	0	wz--n-	17175674880	2143289344
  vg1	1	1	0	wz--n-	26839351296	0

Hey Martin,
I had check that today and find out, that I only see “lvm_VGS” & not “lvm_lvs” -> why?

AND the next point is, that CheckMK goes here to CRITICAL point, because the LVGs are designed for full :frowning: -> what is here the reason?

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Zhéxué M.