Interface name shown in check output


was it good idea to move the name of interface from check name to the output of check? Example, if I want to disable monitoring interfaces like ‘br-213sad123’, in 1.6 I could go to Service Discovery of Host, click “Move to the disabled services” and it will create rule with regex “Interface br-whatever$”, that rule I could then move up one folder and have it applied to multiple hosts and I don’t care anymore.


In 2.x when I do that, It creates rule with regex “Interface 8” (btw why it counts from 2?), if we take example from my picture above. That is not good, because not every server has 8 interfaces, so basically I need to search where ever I have such interface and than add multiple servers to the rule, do things with labels, etc, no so easy like in 1.6.
Or am I missing something obvious?


In 2.0 the discovery rule is a little bit differen to 1.6. They fit some rule together.
Please check your rules about dicovery and naming.


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