Dear Checkmk Community,

As announced at Checkmk Conference #8, there will be some changes in how we handle feature requests at tribe29. @TLI explained it in detail in his talk at the conference here.

In summary:

  • Paid feature requests (available to those with support contracts) will now only cover Checks & Agents
  • All other general feature requests shall be posted on the new public feature portal where everyone in the community can vote for the ones they think would be useful.

By having this new portal, we get to merge the general feature requests in the customer support portal, feature suggestions sent to, and the ‘Product Ideas’ category in the forum. We believe that with this change, we get to collaborate better and be more transparent on the state of all requests. Moreover, everyone has the opportunity to vote on all general feature requests and have a say on what new features should be prioritized by the Checkmk team.

What will happen to the posts in the Product Ideas category?

We now have locked the category so new posts can no longer be created. Posts will be migrated to the new Feature Request Portal.

What will happen to the tickets we have opened in the support portal?

Tickets will also be migrated to the new Feature Portal.

Where can I access the Feature Portal?

You can access itl here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this post or ask them live in our Community Call next week.