Inverting monitoring logic? (Value above CRIT is a good thing)

I’ve made a small extension to one of my (Ubuntu) agents, so that it runs “Speedtest CLI” and saves the result to .csv file, using the Crontab.
In my Check_MK_Agent “local”-folder I’ve made a .py script that reads the .csv file and shows the data in my Check_MK GUI.
My problem is that when I parse the values to Check_MK and include Warn/Crit values the graph shows my service is critical because the value is above the “Crit”-value.
I’ve tried to send the Warn/Crit valus as intervals:
print(f"P “Internet upload” upload={row[2]};80:9999;50:9999 Upload speed {row[2]} Mb/s")
This sort of fixes the problem, but the red and yellow lines showing the thresholds are set so high they don’t show on the graphs.
But this doesn’t fix the problem, then I tried this:
print(f"P “Internet download” download={row[1]};600;300 Download speed {row[1]} Mb/s")
I know I can use the script itself to define the state of the service and just use “0,1,2” instead of “P”, but I would like to use the Check_MK engine for this.

I put the “solution” on GitHub here: