IP address Auto Discovery

We need the automation to set automated the discovered IP addresses, via the agent, of a host in WATO.

You can use teh API to edit the hosts for that.

Yes we can but we looking forward to get a automation from Checkmk, caused by the existing data in Checkmk.
Why we have to something external when the internal data is given in Checkmk.

Why do you want IP Adresses to add? Using DNS instead ist the best an dynamic way.
IP Adresses you will find in the HW/SW inventory (when using the plugin) .

Our customers wants to have all data available in the monitoring at one point and as well searchable.

You can build a view with information about IP adresses, it’s still there as field IPv4 address available. Also in quicksearch IP adresses searchable.

In our 1.6.0p8 is it not possible to search for the additional IPs in Quicksearch

checkmk is a monitoring tool and NOT a CMDB. For this purpose you have a lot of possibilities to bring the collected data from checkmk to other tools.

For all other functions to accomplish a higher level of automation you can use the API.


sorry but we’ve dependencies from one to the other IP which is monitoring relevant