Issues with registering client for TLS on distributed monitoring structure

CMK version:
2.1.0p9 cee
OS version:
Appliance 1.5.4
Error message:

Caused by:
Request failed with code 403 Forbidden: This host is monitored on the site monitoring02, but you tried to register it at the site monitoring01.

We have a distributed monitoring structure with 4 instances, one instance (lets call it monitoring01) in an open DMZ to show all the monitoring data and send out notifications to our clients as well as 3 clusters, each with a different instance on them to spread out the load, in a different closed off VLAN.
The standard procedure with the legacy agent was to register a client on our main monitoring instance monitoring01 which also distributes the agent updates to all the clients. The clients would then be monitored by one of the 3 different clusters depending on their usecase.
The issue with the new agent is that it needs to be monitored by the exact same instance it is registered to which won’t work in our case if we want to use TLS. Is there anyway to make it work in our case without restructuring everything?

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