January Community Bulletin 2023

:newspaper: Updates

Hello Community!
Coming a little late, yet, here are some updates for January 2023.

New Videos

:new: Working with Hardware/Software inventory in Checkmk Tutorial

:new: New Checkmk Shorts

:mega: Shout-outs

:trophy: New Community Hero!

50 solutions is a very big contribution to the community – 50 answers that helped people get a better understandingn of Checkmk and improve their monitoring!
Congratulations and thank you, @gstolz !

:trophy: New Community Helpers

In January, we welcomed 2 new community helpers – people whose reply was marked as a solution for the first time. We will be happy to see them getting more of those!


:beetle: Bugfixes

The beginning of the year was a little slow in terms of accepted contributions. In January, we processed 3 contributions on GitHub. Thank you! :slight_smile:

:loudspeaker: New Series of Surveys

At the end of January, our product team introduced a new way of learning what interface solutions would work best for Checkmk: Micro Surveys. Please follow the announcements section on the forum to learn about the new surveys and help us make Checkmk better!

If you ever have any doubts, questions, suggestions – my inbox is always a click away, and thank you for one more month of great community interaction



Whoooo, Laola @gstolz. :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Congrats @gstolz
Fantastic to see users helping each other!