Join the first Q&A Checkmk Webinar!

Hello Community :vulcan_salute:

We have a great opportunity for everyone who has a question on Checkmk that they cannot find an answer to, or for people who are only starting with Checkmk monitoring – our first Q&A webinar with one of the Checkmk consultants, great expert on all things monitoring, Sudhir Chauhan.

Whether you have a simple question or need some expert answer, you could ask away and get your answer during our webinar that will take place this Thursday.

Here is the registration linkplease do not forget to send your questions through the form in advance to have them answered!

See you there!

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I missed the webinar, is there a way to watch the recording?

I believe in case with webinars in general only the attendants receive the recording. But maybe in this specific case we might share the recording with everyone. There is no decision on that yet.

But if you were registered for the webinar and asked a question, you will definitely receive the recording :slight_smile: